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  The company


Warli is handmade by nature. It is an Italian and international design product from Milan, hand-made in countries with great textile tradition, handed down from generation to generation. Each of our rugs tells the design that created it, the history and craftsmanship of the weavers who produced it. 
Warli works on signs, materials, and how to translate them into tactile and chromatic contemporary surfaces. We process the elements of modern design, revisit the ethnic ones, celebrate the beauty of imperfect, impermanent things. A culture of the project that blends the ongoing search for modernity with traditional techniques, craft excellence, detail care and innovation.

The quality of Warli rugs

Each carpet is unique, as unique are the preferences of our customers. We actively collaborate to the design and choices of customized solutions to the needs of architects and interior designers. 'Customized' is the added value of an exclusive product, tailor-made, particularly dedicated to residential and public contracts.
Warli is an expression of a personal vision of living, a precise aesthetic of the daily life, of the quality that we would like to find in the things that surround us. Each rug is an exclusive thought that weaves together our values and visions of exception.

Design and environment care

Warli produces its contemporary rugs in areas of the world that traditionally have a history of quality and manual weaving. Corporate social responsibility for the working conditions of craftsmen who make our products is the ethical involvement of Warli. Our rugs are certified by Step, an ethical production program without the use of child labor and illegal work.
We reserve the same attention to the environment as we focus on our rugs and people who produce them. We follow sustainable practices using natural fibers, locally produced without any chemical treatment, azo free colors, natural adhesives such as Latex from the rubber tree. The synthetic fibers of the outdoor rugs look like natural fibers, have a high resistance to weather conditions and keep color and surface characteristics unchanged for years. They are perfectly recyclable and as for their disposal they may become a new plastic material for technical and industrial uses.

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